Welcome to the School of Economic Sciences of the University of Western Macedonia, Greece.

The Departments of the School of Economic Sciences are well organized in the scientific fields of Economics, Management and Technology, Accounting and Financial Science, International Economy, Business Organization and Management, Statistics and Insurance Science and Regional and Cross-Border Development.

Education and research in the Departments of the School of Economic Sciences play a vital role in a demanding era, where the country’s society and economy become more cohesive, digital, sustainable, green and robust. At the same time, the Departments of the School of Economic Sciences provide a modern academic environment, with high-quality education, and focus on excellence, innovation, academic freedom and ethics.

Our graduates acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in to the modern and demanding needs of the labor market, both at national and international academic, research and business levels.

For those graduates who will be employed in the Region of Western Macedonia, they will be very useful in the contribution of green innovation and entrepreneurship, through a model of sustainable development in the just transition era, supporting the environmental, economic and social footprint of the Region of Western Macedonia.

The Dean,

Professor Helen Tsakiridou