Message from the Dean of the School of Economics (SOE)

The School of Economic Sciences (SOE) of the University of Western Macedonia focuses on the current economic and social reality and future needs and caters for state-of-the-art business education in an exceptional academic environment. Based on interdisciplinary approaches and educational innovation, the primary objectives for all School curricula draw upon developing highly specialised business and management skills. With cutting-edge teaching methods and problem-solving teamwork processes, the School offers students substantial qualifications, which, in combination with training in strategic economic thinking in the fields of economics and international business administration, will prepare them to successfully meet today’s global challenges.

Conscious of the Globalisation consequences and International Economic Reality, and complying with currently emerging social, economic and business needs, the competitive curricula of the School of Economic Sciences aim at leaving their scientific and social imprint on the contemporary economic-business ecosystem.

The School of Economic Sciences is comprised of seven academic departments, which offer a wide variety of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Programmes and engage in outstanding research activity:

International and European Economic Studies, Management Science and Technology, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Region and Cross-Border Development Studies, and Statistics and Insurance Studies.


Dear Colleagues and Partners

Dear Students

It is obvious that contemporary educational needs and market demands require applying a comprehensive and versatile approach in a context of cooperative working spirit. Relying on total transparency, accountability, and democracy as well as on the support and constructive criticism of all community members, we can achieve a substantial and innovative contribution and prestigious status for our School within a wider Scientific, Academic and Cross-sector framework, offering our students promising career prospects and further academic opportunities for postgraduate studies both in Greece and abroad.

Androniki Catarachia

Dean, School of Economic Sciences